On March 27,1993 I was Hit Almost Head-on. I was in a COMA foe 28 Day's. I'd In't Remeberanythink at All of my Car Accident. Just what I've been Told by Other's.

I've been Liveing by Myself for about 5 Year's now. I Bought my Home in 9-2-1998 ( I moved in ). I'm 42 Year Old White Male.

They Removed my Right Knee-Cap in the Emergency Room & Placed a Peice of Plactic in it's Place, My Lower Jaw was Broken 2 Place's. I Walked With-out useing Anything about 3-4 Month's After my Accident.

I was Released From the Hospital in September 1993. My Ex-Wife had me put into a Disabled Home & I Hated in with a passion. My Surgeon knew that I didn't like being there, I was Released from there in December 1993.

There a Bit's & peice's of my Memory that are Gone forever from my Head Injury.

I Signed the Divorce Paper in June 1994.

I'm in a Consverative Account, The other Driver's Insurance Company is Paying to my Consverative Account $ 2711.25 Every Month for about Over 15 More Year's.

I know I shouldn't say How much I'm getting from the Law-Suit.

The reason why I was in the Disabliyiy Home is My Son was Diagnosed with Leukemia 10 Day's before my Accident, He's been in Remission with his Leukemia for ( So far ) over 3 Year's.

There are a few thinking I don't Even Remember Doing Or Saying.

I'm just a Social Drinker when I do go out, which that isn't very Ofter.

Just Thought you like to know what Happened to me.