Linda Killen's TBI, Epilepsy, and Spouse Abuse Story

I suffered my head injury in 1993, due to my husband throwing me out of the car. Needless to say, he is my ex-husband now.

The doctors said I actually had three brain injuries before the last one which cost me my life at the time.

I was working as a very capable charge nurse prior to my last head injury, but I am now unable to work in my chosen career.

I now work as a volunteer with the Center for Independent Living, which is a community organization that helps disabled people stay independent in their own homes.

I am a workaholic and ever since I first came to Ann Arbor, MI, Christmas of 1995, I work every day the center will let me. I was named volunteer of the year last year.

When I am not at the Center, I go to college and I love my computer and the internet. The internet is how I found my new life here in MI. I was living in a very small country town that is not even on the map. I can not drive anymore, since I also have epilepsy as a result of the brain injury. I was stuck in a place that I felt like I was dying in.

When I got my computer I just had to try AOL. I met a man that has MS and he invited me to come see this new town and all the great benefits. I could not pass it up. Now I have been here a little over a year, and I am very happy.

When I am having seizures, my brain and everything else goes back to when I was two years old. I am just like a child. Then there are times when I come home from the Center and I can not wait to fall asleep for several hours, which makes me feel like I am in my 60ís at least. I am only 38 years old, I think. I can not really remember how old I am.

Everyday I get up and I praise God for another day. But then there are other times that I go to bed crying and wishing that my husband had finished what he started, that is to kill me. I pray for the will to fight to the end, but I have to fight everyday to keep going with all my complications.

I have two wonderful male friends, but that is all they are. One has MS and the other has had three brain tumors removed. I have had several really good male friends since my divorce, but each time they run away due to my seizures and TBI complications. It really gets discouraging.

I am more capable now, than I was before my marriage to my abusive husband. The only difference is I have had to change how I do things. For example, I use an Amigo and a side walker to assist me when I walk. I use my computer to help me organize and write.

by: Linda Killen