I am not sure where to write my story, but I too am a survivor of a Traumatic Brain Injury. I was on duty in the Navy when I was injured. I was honorably discharged from the Navy due to my TBI. I have spent the last six year trying this or that doing this or that in hopes of coping with my many TBI related problems. However, about two months ago I was so depressed and so I went and saw my psychiatrist (Veteran's Administration Psychiatrist) and he hospitalized me in the Mental Health hospital in Gulfport MS. While I was an inpatient there the Social Worker asked me if I have ever received any treatment or rehabilitation for my brain injury. I replied "no, Maam" to my surprise my answered floored her. She said "are you telling me that for the past six years since you got out of the Navy and while you were in you did not get any treatment or rehab for your brain injury" I stated "That is correct". Well to make a long story short the social worker contected a VA Brain Injury Rehabilitation Team at the Tuscaloosa Alabama Veteran's Administration's Medical Center. She related the story to them and on November 16 & 17 1998 I went to my very first ever Brain Rehab evaluation. At the end of the evaluation the BI Treatment Team met with my Mother and Father and myself and stated that there are some serious problems that need be addressed and that they could help. I and my parents were in tears crying because we were so happy the Treatment team asked us what was wrong my mom and dad replied "for years we were told by voc rehab and thers that our son could never live alone, and that he would always have to live with his parents and he might have to be institutionalized and basically told us that there was no hope for a better life" The Treatment team was apalled that someone would say this and that I am not receiving any kind of SSI or disability. At the end of that meetingthere was an enormous weight lifted off my parent's and mine shoulders for when we thought there was no hope....there was; when we thought that the problems I am experiencing would never get better and I could not compensate for them.....we were given hope. Now I 26y/o I had my MVA when I was 19y/o and I know that the treatment team nor anyone for that matter can promise, but the treatment team did say that if I was willing to do my part and they are willing to do their part then the quality of my life with TBI could be drastically changed for the better. I am a christian and I believe God has answered my prayers and has given me my miracle. I thanked everyone that day through my tears. I did not mean to ramble on this long but there is more and I would like to share it with others in hopes that they may find a ray of light for themselves.

Please help me to get my story on-line I would appreciate this very much.

Thank You Very Much and God Bless You,

Jeffrey Scott Henshall