Mary McMahan's Epilepsy Death Story

I don't know you but maybe you can find a place to put this that will help someone else...Two weeks ago I lost my 21 yr old brother to epilepsy..The drs are not sure what really happened to him...He was diagnosised with epilepsy 6 months ago..they were grandmal type or petitmal was in the cerebral cortex of the brain...He was sick on the morning on Sept.20...then basically fell over dead..they worked on him and was able to revive him and place him on life support..He was active duty military navy in jacksonville, florida..when the cat scan was done it showed the he was haveing brain seizures with on outward signs of this..they loaded him on phonebarbital and was able to stop them..but the damage was done the crebral cortex had burnt up and the entire left hemisophere was dead..basically the ventorilator and the brain stem was all that was keeping him alive..was disconnected the life support on Monday and he was dead within fifteen was really hard loosing him..the sad part is that several years ago i had the same kind of seizures and am still one really knows why....maybe this will help someone else..Mary McMahan