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Psychotherapy of the Brain-Injured Patient: Reclaiming the Shattered Self - Online Ordering
Abstract: Psychotherapy of the Brain-Injured Patient: Reclaiming the Shattered Self Miller, Laurence (1993). ISBN: (0-393-70158-1) clothbound Qty:. 1. Price: $ 29.95. Also by this author:. Shocks to the System: Psychotherapy of Traumatic Disability Syndromes , clothbound.

Cognitive-Communicative Abilities Following Brain Injury
Conversations with Neil's Brain;"The Neural Nature of Thought & Language"

"The Shattered Mind" Author : Howard Gardner ISBN-0-394-49315-x.


Abstract: Medical Counseling. Copyright &169 1997 W. W. Norton & Company, Inc.. Medical Crisis Counseling: Short-Term Therapy for Long-Term Illness. Irene Pollin with Susan Baird Kanaan 0-393-70195-6 1995 256 pages Imagery for Getting Well: Clinical Applications of Behavioral Medicine Deirdre Davis Brigham 0-393-70225-1 19
Thinking, Problem Solving, Cognition by Richard E. Mayer
The Brain Has A Mind of Its Own Insights From a Practicing Neurologist by Richard Restak, M.D.
Left Brain/Right Brain by Springer - Deutsch Talks about brain damage and its effect on parts of the brain and other topics related to the brain developments.
Women with Attention Deficit Disorder by Sari Solden, MS, MFCC Talks about ADD and the difference of women with ADD and how they cope with the emotional difficulties. Very good book on expressing the emotional aspects of attentional processing and the stigma associated with ADD.
No Easy Answers, The Learning Disabled Child at Home and at School by Sally L. Smith Contains information on brain injury.
Attention Deficit Disorder: A Different Perception by Thom Hartmann Talks about the differences of a person with ADD and compares them to the hunter and the farmer in explaining the attention deficits.
Smart but feeling Dumb by Harold N. Levinson, M.D. about dsylexia , balance and coordination, inability to concentrate obsession and compulsion, speech disorders and poor memory mood swings, dizziness, motion sickness, headaches.
A Leg to Stand On by Oiver Sacks Explores the physical basis of identity and inner nature of illness and health.
The Survivor Personality By Al Siebert, Ph.D.
The Neurological Side of Neuropschology by Richard E. Cytowic, M.D. Very interesting and technical. Talks about clincial assessment and the different testing used for assessment of brain functioning.
Neurobehavioral Recovery From Head Injury by Levin, Grafman, Esienberg
Mild Head Injury by Levin Eisenberg, Benton
Work Worth Doing, Advances in Brain Injury Rehabilitation edited by Brian T. McMahon and Linda R. Shaw
The Man with a Shattered World, The Histroy of a Brain Wound by A. R. Luria
Injury Learning to Live Again by Dorothy L. Mercer, Ph.D.
Through Time into Healing by Brian L. Weiss, M.S.
Numerial Cognition Edited by Stanislas Dehaene
Care and Feeding of the Brain by Jack Maguire
ADD and the College Student Patricia O. Quinn, M.D.
Driven to Distration by Edward M. Hallowell, M.D. and John J. Ratey, M.D. This
The Gift of Dyslexia by Ronald D. Daving
Learning Disabilities, New Directions for Assessment and Intervention edited by Nancy D. Jordan, Josephine Godsmith-Phillips
Why Johnny Can't Concentrate, Coping with Attention Deficit Problems by Robert A. Moss, M.D.
Attention Deficit Disorder by Juan Garcia, M.D.
Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults Workbook by Dr. Lynn Weiss
Alphabet Soup, A recipe for Understanding and Treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, by James Javorsky, M.Ed.
Help for Dyslexic Children By T. R. Miles & Elain Miles
Smart Kids with School Problems, Thing to Know and Ways to Help By Priscilla L. Vail
Succeeding Against the Odds, How the Learning Disabled Can Realize Their Promise, by Sally L. Smith
The Brain Book by Peter Russell Understanding how the brain works
Head Injury, The Facts A Guide for Families and Care Givers by Dorothy C. Gronwall, Phillip Weightson & Peter Waddell
Learning Disabilities and Brain Function, A Neuropsychological Approach by William H. Gaddess and Dorothy Edgell
Traumatic Brain Injury and Neuropsychological Impairment By Rolland S. Parker
Cognitive Neurophysocology, A Clinical Introduction by Rosaleen A. McCarthy and Elizabeth K. Warrington
Treating Families of Brain-Injury Survivors by Paul R. Sachs. Ph.D
Head Injury, A Family Matter by Janet M. Williams and Thomas Kay (Journal entry - March 1994 -
Shocks to the System: Psychotherapy of Traumatic Disability Syndromes - Online Ordering
Abstract: Shocks to the System: Psychotherapy of Traumatic Disability Syndromes Miller, Laurence (1998). ISBN: (0-393-70256-1) clothbound Qty:. 1. Price: $ 40.00. Also by this author:. Psychotherapy of the Brain-Injured Patient: Reclaiming the Shattered Self, clothbound