Blaine A Stanziana's Closed Head Injury Story

In 1979 I was in a industrial accident which resulted with a Closed Head Injury.  Several month's after this Closed Head Injury I began to HALLUCINATE and DRY HEIVE terribly. I then began to see doctor's who could find no reason for this.  This terrible episode went on for nearly ten year's.  Then on July 1,1988 while working at the same plant, I then took a Gran Mal Siezure falling back striking my head causing a SUBDURAL HEMATOMA,this head injury was worse than the first one. Now in 1990 I began to get some answer's,The period when I was hallucinating I was taking Complex Partial Siezure's.Doctor's now estimate I took over 25,000 of these siezure's.I have been on Dilantin since and have been siezure free,but the story does not end here.Ever since the 1979 head injury,every time I dream of anything to do with aviation there will be a plane crash.Doctor's said no way that they did not believe me,but when I started phoning them hour's to day's before a plane crash,thier doubt's soon vanished.Now after the 1988 head injury I can now predict specific event's.I have seen my nieghbor killed in a automobile accident three month's before it would take place,I have walked up to total stranger's,I new thier name,what they did for a living,even where they worked,fliped these people out.I cannot control what come's to me,but when it does you can be sure it is going to happen.On thursday April 24,1997 I was visiting a friend down the street when a message came to me.It was,This is what you were doing the nite before,So I told my wife of 16 year's I wonder what that could have meant?Well the next day I new.We were sitting in my kitchen around 11:45 PM and I suddenly got an urge to look outside,and when I did I saw my across the street nieghbor's house in flame's,no one was around so I yelled call 911 and I ran to get them out in which I was succesful.I could go on and on with stories but in 1979 I was a 21 year old with so much to look forward to untill that dreadful day that has changed my life for ever.I have been in Threapy for some seven year's now trying to deal with all my emotional problem's.No one on earth will ever understand what I feel or what I have been through but I have met many KNOW it ALL"S along the way.