Most times all days are days
But you feel worse than ever before
Light sprinkles grow to thunderstorms.
You liked violent thunderstorms
You're living different but the same
One step ahead
And ten back.
Crib and choppers and airplanes
Bring you where you are
Wanting and wanted and wanted
Causing you to quickly fall
Surely, sorely, surely
Being morbid You wish you're asleep
Though you've done that
Crying and sliding and jumping
You think of their glances to you
So you fall again
In their presence
Harshly hot diamond floors
Building the pains felt only when alone
The only real pain
Biting conscience pains
Bitterly alone
On the smut of frigid warm grounds
Looking for silky soft reality check
But it's never there
Just sulfur smells
Making you strikingly bitter
And bitterly tired
As you think that by now
It should have quit
Instead, it hasn't.
Just more rain crashing down.


Carl D Schultz