Debussy's Overcoat

Late in the afternoon
It grows cooler while
Fixated dreams disseminate
To leave one forever Needing an overcoat in humid air
Goodbye goodbye.
In forever it's always the same
Goodbye goodbye.
Then the overcoat is discarded
Out of respect for oneself
Or maybe another.
It can only mean one thing
Though many things are the same
Reflected dans l'eau
Hello hello
But of course
Always in forever
Hello goodbye
As birds grow silent
Prefacing a light sprinkle
Of the thunder brewing storm.
One may see lightning
Hotly going down in the distance
With no qualms but so beautiful
Tearing the tympanies slowly in the intro.
When seeing its power some become silent
It may be out of fear
A frank love
Or stark regard The known trinity.
Better to get inside before perhaps getting wet
This time
Times change though
For at times it's good riding on possibly
And bad staying inside
Like at times it's bad riding on perchance
Thus good staying inside.
Some don't like maybes
Wanting to stay dry.


Carl D Schultz