Autobiography Relating to Multicultural Counseling

Carl D. Schultz was born in Beaufort, South Carolina in 1963. He came to Mississippi in 1973 once his father, a Marine pilot, got out of the Marines after Vietnam. He did not retain the ethnic knowledge which his home state is infamous for considering his catholic upbringing and parochial elementary education. Neither, from the prior fact perhaps, did he carry much value with respect to race relations either way. "All are the same," was and is his anthem meshed through personal discretion with no cultural scenario regard.

Wanting to continue the Marine aviation tradition of his father, grandfather, and uncles he graduated from Meridian High School, Meridian, Mississippi in 1981. He was all-conference on the football field and a high school honor graduate continuing his academics with no athletics wanted. The continued academics flowed by attending Meridian Junior College working at an athletic store and as a car mechanic, so he could graduate Mississippi State University in 1986. When at MSU his goals shifted from academics to women, and from flying to jumping out of airplanes as an Infantry officer in the Army while his longtime best friend, who was also a coworker in Meridian and running partner graduated from Jackson State University commissioned as an Army Chemical Corps officer. Carl entered the Army Infantry a year later after receiving a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science. After attending the Infantry, Airborne, Air Assault, and Ranger Schools his occupation posted him in Bamberg, West Germany.

A Halloween 1987 car wreck caused by postmission fatigue fostered a Traumatic Brain Injury near Bamberg. It prompted a six-month coma that unfolded physical, occupational, speech therapies, and blunt thus botched attempts at vowing to all that he is not retarded or impotent. He is a home owner in Meridian but attending and living at MSU now. A burden is trying to make all learn that no one means life to be modest. Some might enjoy being humble in some form but that is not necessarily modest. Along with the genuine wish to learn, he shows to life that he attains worthy things despite a brain injury. In the past many things that are so simple did not carry much value with things grasped in a kinetic nature, outside friendships built out of similar values at the outset. It maybe egocentric to show all that an individual performs, despite not having the accurate memory to recall many premorbid and postmorbid events, that sound a verbose historical account.