How can this every day simple task possibly seem  so hard?
I remember how easy all the same things used to be.
It is the process itself  that is confusing and seems so difficult,
Maybe if I watch and imitate others that will be the key.

The grocery store ordeal is consistently  overwhelming.
Why  should dealing with the carts and the people seem  so tough?
Why do those lights seem so bright, and the shelves so very full?
How can this simple shopping procedure make me feel  so rough?

I cried and felt such sadness on the ride home from the store today.
Such humiliation I felt when I realized what a simple task this used to be.
These feelings of disappointment in myself, I thought I had put away,
I had to remind myself that it is normal to notice changes in the old and 
new me.

There are just certain times when the pain and disappointment are great,
Making  my heart break even though I understand all of the reasons.
It makes me wonder if acceptance might be a forever ongoing process,
Or maybe it is ever changing like the changing of the seasons. 

No matter how hard I may  try , or energy I expend, or how much time passes 
Or whatever level of acceptance I may achieve there will be brief feelings 
of despair.
There may always be moments of awareness that evoke feelings I cannot ignore,
But when these feelings surface I remind myself that nobody ever said life 
was fair!

by: Debbie Wilson