Do you ever wonder where she is, do you ever miss her?
In your thoughts late at night right before you fall asleep do you ever
think of how she was. Do you remember me?

Do you remember the fights we had over how to remodel the kitchen in our
old house? Do you remember how you finally said, it's not going to work.
But if thats the way you want it you'll have to live with it. Do you
remember taking the credit when it was finished?

Do you remember the story of how I took on the whole school system and won?
Do you remember how I took on the whole city over our new house, and you
came home to the city enginer, the mayor, the adminisrator, and the city
counsel man in our back yard. Do you remember who won?

Do you remember who had the builder literally against the wall, and
tricked him into admitting what was going on? Do you remember me?  Do you
remember who fought him? Do you remember who won?

Do you remember when I wanted to paint my  living room dark cranberry, do
you remember how no one agreed with me? Do you remember coming into the
Living room that night after work? Do you remember how you loved it?

Do you remember my idea on the boarder in the bedroom? Do you remember how
well it suited you? Do you remember sitting on the bed saying the corners
looked like columns. Do you remember me?

Do you remember that barber who had to work over to finish her clients, who
had the the biggest flowers, who won all the awards in sales?  Do you
remember dinners on the table every night, and baked goods on the counter?
Do you remember that women who could make the drapes herself? Who made the
stained glass windows? Who backed you up when you wanted to start a
business of your own? Do you remember who ran it? Do you remember me?

Do you remember who always made time to cook a meal for the family when
someone died?  Who would help her neighbor in times of trouble. Do you
remember coming home to a note saying I just jumped in the car and traveled
3 1/2 hours because your daughter had to have her wisdom tooth
pulled. and I went to take care of her. Do you remember how much I use to
care? Do you remember me?

Do you remember how through all these accomplishment, how many failures I
had? Do you know that the only way I can accomplish things now is through
failures. Are you afraid to let me fail? Do you remember me? I'm the one
who never let failure stop me. I'm the one who looked at failure as a way
to learn? Do you remember me?

Do you remember me honey? Do you know this fight I'm fighting now, this
fight with this closed head injury, is really only that? Just a fight to be
won? Can you remember my accomplishments and know that there will be more?
Do you remember the first time I cleaned the house by myself? Do you
remember how proud I was? Do you remember me planting my flowers through
all my pain? Do you remember I finished?

Don't try to save me from making mistakes. Don't try to talk over me to
cover for me. I use to have good ideas, if you listen you may find I
still do. Don't try to change me into what you think I am now,... Remember
me! Help me to become the person I was, not the person I am.  When did I
become just a closed head injury? Remember me!

So many things I've put you through, so many times you had to take over.
When did you change from my care giver, into my care taker. Please don't
take the care....give the care!  I'm not dead, I'm in here somewhere just
fighting to get out. I will get back, I may have to go on a different path
to get there,but I will get back. Do you remember me?  I'm the fighter in
the family, I'm the one who drove you crazy cuz I wouldn't quit till I got
what I wanted! Do you remember me?

Do you think I'm going to take this sitting down? Did I ever? Will I now?

Remember me!!! Remember how I was and then decide. I'm not completey gone,
I just haven't found the right path to walk on. If I get lost once in a
while have enough faith in me to know I'll find the right one eventually.
Don't accept this new person so easily. Don't get so comfortable with her
and your new role, that you forget who she really is.  My God honey..
remember me!

by: Clara Lyons

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