Have you ever looked at clouds on high,
        and wondered the reason how or why?
Seen them some days with gloom and doom,
        as you sit...closed in by your darkened room?

Or, why on some days like puffs of cotton,
        and life seems happy...painless, all forgotten?
Many times I gaze with longing, expectant anticipation,
        only to see and feel little gratification.

I wonder what was intended for us to see,
        as we precariously struggle to be?
It must be to understand that we see only the underside,
        while future doors are still left opened wide.

Is it to much to ask of this beautiful sight,
        but to struggle through life... and keep up the good fight?
Yet, dark and dreary clouds may fill us with despair,
        and drag us down until we no longer care.

But, lift your head oh saddened one and glimpse the intended beauty,
        of work created and passed on is our sacred duty.
Yes, life will go on after days of sadness,
        and one day... yes, one day, you WILL be filled with gladness.

by: Larry J. Huisingh
    April 21, 1996