She lied.
Lied to me as she had an affair.
Lied to friends that I'm so crazy that she has to take care of me.
Lied to friends about her car being stolen, when it was repossessed.
Lied to friends about the joint ownership of the house.
Lied to her mother about spending the money she was given to pay me.
Lied to me about not making house payments for 7 months.
Lied to me about including the house in her bankruptcy.
Lied to me about the down payment monies I owed her for the house.
Lied to me about her handling of my money.
Lied to me about where my settlement disappeared to.
Lied to me and others that I'm just "crazy", not to be believed.

She Lied!

Lies now as she says the house is hers alone.
Lies now as she acts the victim.

Lies, like before, when she embezzled the Market's money.
Lies, as she says she had a right to "it".
Lies as she now claims to have a right to my money.
Lies, as she acts worried that I am homeless.
Lies...  A mountain of overwhelming lies.

When do the lies end?

Naomi Marie
July 16, 1995

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