This poem submitted by Terry on 2/25/99.


"Hiss" "Hiss" breathed the Serpent. "Come a little closer"..."that's it..right there..just where I can touch you and feel the warmth of your pink, warm, pulsating and deprived flesh." "So much pain, so much." "But, I am confused, why do you resist me so? When you know that I am here so fluid and warm." "Why would you walk up the mountain when I am offering you a ride, why spend your idle time going up the coaster when I will just take you down?". "Just come a little closer won't you please?" "Just close enough for me to touch you, feel you, breathe you, BE YOU, for just awhile." "We both know that this metamorphisis will fill that burning hole and no one need ever know." "Why we would make Kafka proud." "Come Come now, don't be so dramatic, so fatalistic, so maudlin, I'll even let you keep control" "O.K.?" "Just this time though, just this once..just now...just here." So whatcha gonna do? Climb the mountain or ride the serpent. I'll tell you something now, either way your gonna have to climb it or you'll fall off.