Seizure Dog



Mom, why is that pretty dog wearing that funny looking vest?
Why doesnít he even look at me, he just walks close to the lady.
Mom, why is the store owner yelling meanly at the lady with the dog?
Look Mom, they are making them leave, I think you made a big mistake Sir.

Mom, why do you think that dog wore that funny looking vest?
I donít really know son, but dogs arenít allowed in stores, you know.
But Mom, that dog was trained to do something important, I could tell.
The store made them leave, so they must have been wrong. I think you made a mistake Mom.

Mom, today someone brought a dog to school with one of those funny vests on.
It belongs to a boy in my class that has something called epilepsy. The dog is in my class too.
He is the neatest dog I have ever seen. Some of the other kids had never seen one.
I thought about the lady in the grocery store, and I am never going to make the same mistake Mom.

The new boy, didnít have many friends but I told him I wanted to be his friend.
I told him about the lady in the store. I told him I knew people had probably treated him unfairly.
I also told him I didnít know what epilepsy was, but I was willing to learn if he was willing to teach me.
He is a really nice friend Mom, and I am so glad that my school knows that his dog helps keep him safe.

Mom , today when we were on the playground and my new friend had one of his bad seizures.
His dog came over and got me, and brought me to my friend. I told my teacher, and she got help.
Mom, I tried to tell you I could tell these were specially trained dogs, and today I got to see for myself.
Mom, I wish we could do things to help inform people, a mistake today could have cost my friend his life.

by: Debbie Wilson