The time has come to say good-bye,
It is perfectly normal to sit here and cry.

There were so many wonderful years,
They justify all of these numerous tears.

A force much stronger than love can be,
Has stolen my love away from me.

I have no choice but to some how go on,
Knowing such heartache is real; it's no con.

I remember his smile and the feel of his hair,
But no matter where I look, he will never be there.

I do not hold him responsible in any way,
Because in his heart he wishes he could stay.

He protected and cared for me when most would have fled,
Now he faces his own monsters, and good-byes have been said.

I wish I could help him the way he always helped me,
Only now alcohol has consumed him and he doesn't want me to see.

I thank him for the years that he was my white knight,
I hope he will remember that I put up quite a fight.

He will always be among the things I find very dear,
But he will never again be available to calm any of my fear.

I must make steps forward all on my very own,
Remembering his presence in my life was just God's loan.

I know God has a plan, and I will follow where he leads,
Knowing some day God will fulfill all of my hearts needs.

Many have called me strong, but I always had "my" Chris,
Forever I will remember and until eternity I will know whom I miss.

Some good-byes are easy, because hearts are rarely like one,
But I must now look forward to a new life and somehow a bright sun.

By: Debbie Wilson 1-20-99