Some friends mean well, but they donít seem to 
be quite available, when needed the most.
Other friends are there occasionally if you are
in some kind of dire need or emergency.
Real friends donít let you feel alone, in spirit, 
they are emotionally available with individual care.
There are friends that will help you by voluntarily 
taking the lead and allowing you to have a rest.

Friends are few and far between. Although we have 
a lot of acquaintances. Friends are so very rare.
Acquaintances smile and talk a good game, but are
never really available at the meaningful times. 
Friends, true friends, make every effort to be there 
for each other in times of necessity and strife.
They love each other during the happy times as
well as the downhearted and difficult times.

Friends are not like fruit that grow on trees, they
are hand picked from all over the universe.
Always show thankfulness and love for the 
friends that you are fortunate enough to have.
Friends donít judge each other on status of financial 
position or outward personal appearances.
Real friends judge each other on the merits of their 
quality of heart and the pure goodness of their soul.

by: Debbie Wilson

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