There comes a  time in each ones life ... when love 
        does blossom and opens wide,
But, in our moments of a saddened heart ... we
        forget the truth with foolish pride .

As we continue down life's path ... the love we
        knew ... yet, lingers still,
And, as the days turn into years ... thoughts go
        back ... oh, to know His will .

Reflections into the inner heart ... reveals
        quiet longings of the soul,
And, as the search continues to grow ... the path
        does wander to reach that goal .

Longing to have that oneness of soul ... with two
        hearts in union ... and of one spirit,
It's left in His hands to guide and direct ... my
        hearts strong desire ... I long to hear it !

By : Larry J. Huisingh
     September 4, 1996