Epilepsy is a disorder
That currently has no cure
It's where an electrical storm in the brain
Causes one to have a seizure.

When someone has a seizure
People sometimes call it an "attack"
The person may stare ahead into space
Or their lips begin to samck.

Dr. Leroy is a neurologist
Who may ask you to touch your nose
He'll ask you to perform other tasks as well
So he can prescribe the right dose.

Patients need to take the medicine
That Dr. Leroy Selects
It may help control the seizures
But there may be some side effects.

The goal of someone with seizures
Is to live seizure-free
When medicine doesn't do the job
The next step may be surgery.

Dr. Leroy does all he can
To help his patients live seizure-free
He is the best at what he does
All you have to do is ask me.

Written from the heart by Tracy Wascher
April 25, 1997