You have always had a soothing word, a touch, a smile, or a compassionate tear.
You were barely three, my youngest, my only boy, the day my old life ended.
You can not remember a different time, or what others call your old “mom”.
When we go out together you automatically take my hand, so sensitive to my fear.

You never required more than I was able to give, your acceptance was always there.
If I was too tired, or having a bad day, you were sensitive enough to understand.
To you I am Mom and that is all that counts, you are content with me just the way I am.
You do not compare me to a different time, for you it is enough to know how much I care.

I woke up from a seizure today, and felt your hand caressing my face,
I was aware of your inner strength and your soothing, loving touch.
Your concern overwhelmed me , at age nine you have such wisdom, such a caring way.
I wish you did not have to deal with this, it shouldn’t be your place.

You have had to assume a role as a parent I would have never chosen for you to play,
That of my protector, my little watch dog, my self appointed guard.
But I am so proud of my little guy, your presence is such a relief,
On days that I wondered why I lived you reminded me of why I needed to stay.

For all the others who knew me before, and were unable to accept this new me,
I should not have let them make me feel rejected, I should have reminded myself of you.
Because with you, it feels special to be just the way I am, to you I have always been good enough
With you there is no before and after, with you the person I am today is all that you can see.

Through your eyes of love and acceptance, I am learning so much from you.
I am learning that I still have worthiness, I still have a future, I am still needed.
So I may be a little different, slower than before, I may have occasional seizures,
But in your eyes, I am wonderful, I am Mom, and I still have a lot that I need to do.

Thank-you; Cody
Love , Mom