There once was a child, a tyke of a boy,
his folks saw laughter from this bundle of joy .
He learned a great lesson they showed and taught ,
by learning to float the red and yellow boat they had bought .
Inside, the boat was hollow in this tub like a lake ,
if water stayed on the outside, magical floating he would make .
This boy grew to be a man, and life's waves would come often ... splashing 
...splashing ,but, past thoughts of his boat flowed over his mind of that 
lesson learned ...flashing ... flashing .
Years went by with different seasons of life ,
until, he met this red - haired lady he wanted to call his wife .
Then, one dark day a missile from the sky ,
landed on this man's head ... he knows not why .
Days turned dark for a period of time ,
for this man had forgotten his lesson of childhood ... so sublime.
Then one day, he remembered that little boat ,
when as a child he would play and MAKE it float .
You see, that lesson was so simple for all of life's troubles ,
just keep the turbulent waters on the outside and you WILL see your boat
floating among the bubbles .
By : Larry J. Huisingh
     June 15, 1996