This Is My Life

I wake up feeling depressed and slow,
The first thought's are which way to go.
Down to the kitchen in the drawer past the knife,
I find those pill's that I will take for life.
After I guzzel and swollow a few,
Now come's the task of who is who.
Will I be nice and have a good day,
Or will that monster come and chase people away.
I never mean to get so upset,
But how can you judge a person you've never met.
Situtation's are not all the same,
Some people feel more or maybe less pain.
Then come's the doctor's who tell you how to feel,
And I tell them,if you were in my shoe's then it would be real.
So as I exit the office as thier put in thier place,
I walk out the door and try my damest to fit in this Human Race.

by: Blaine A Stanziana