Loneliness is all around me,
emptiness is all I feel.
If I could only learn to cope,
and life would finally heal!

Life has taken a wicked twist,
I know not where to turn.
With many unanswered questions,
I may not ever learn!

If time would only erase this pain,
and let me be at rest.
I've struggled hard every day,
to do my very best!

It seems as though its not enough,
and I must give it more.
I'm exhausted of continued trying,
and find me on the floor!

I long to find a place of rest,
where saddened souls can fly.
A place where peace and calm exists,
and I can CRY ... and CRY!

Life wasn't meant to be this way,
I know down in my soul.
Then WHY ... tell me WHY,
I'm here in this dark hole!

I pray to God to give me strength,
for it is all but gone.
A strength that only He can give,
so I can 'waken to a dawn!

My soul quivers in deep despair,
wanting to hear ... "I CARE,"
I need to hear these words my friend,

By : Larry J. Huisingh
     August 27, 1996