A Cry in the Night



When I woke up last night
All I felt was terror and fright.
I rolled over praying he was in sight,
Then I remembered he had taken flight.

My days all seem so very long,
I see his face in almost every song.
His absence seems unbelievable and wrong,
How long will this pain and heartache prolong?

Please come back to me,
Has been my constant plea.
He says he doesn't want me to see…
No, is the answer that will always be.

Memories of a happier day,
Block my vision and stay in my way.
He promised that he would always stay,
Now he is lost and my pillow he will no longer lay.

My continuous prayers seem to go unheard,
My soul mate is gone and it all seems so absurd.
He set me free and said for me to fly away like a bird,
But my heart wants to believe he will one-day keep his word.

Through the years we came up with a plan,
To live on the beach, lovingly walking hand in hand.
We pictured the sun we looked forward to our feet on the sand,
The view and smell of the ocean was going to be our fairy-tale land.

Today he lives in his own private hell,
I wonder constantly if he is happy and doing well.
I wish I could pull him up from the cliff, off which he fell,
Never will happen, is the constant resounding of his verbal bell.

People say that time will one day heal,
My heart that hurts so bad and wants to keel,
But as I pray so intensely about all that I truly feel,
I realize that very few hearts are locked together like steal.

He says he will always love me…,
But a part of my life he will never again be.
I wonder if he knows how high has been his fee?
I wish he knew our love was strong enough to be his key.

By: Debbie Wilson 1-18-99.