Broken Promise


You promised me forever ten years ago,
You promised you would never, ever go.
This head injury and epilepsy has run you away,
Like I always said "forever" is only as long as they stay.

We had been married six months when fate stepped in,
Changing everything we had or could have possibly been.
You seemed to handle things so well, but it was only a game,
Turning to alcohol and away from me, now things will never be the same.

Instead of admitting you had an alcohol problem,
For ten years you acted like I was your precious gem.
Then I went for neurosurgery evaluation and you moved out,
You told me about it in baggage claims, when I returned, you had no doubt.

Many emergencies later, with a twelve year old trying to cope,
All you can say is you can never again offer us your dependable hope.
You promised to be always, only a phone call away, yet you never respond,
Leaving this precious little boy a responsibility that pushed you "way" beyond.

You were never honest with me; instead you chose to run away,
Sleeping with my daughter's "best friend" was certainly not the way.
I faced my deficits and chose to fight back and never give in,
In the end you may lose and I will strive hard enough to finally win.

I could have chosen to sit on the couch and never believed I still had a cause,
Instead, you are having legal, family and health problems, but ignore your flaws.
I no longer feel sorry for the man I once loved very much, and appreciated more than life
I have finally come to realize he is the real loser, because I will never again be his wife.

By: Debbie Wilson

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