American Heart Association The American Heart Association publishes five major journals as well as other types of scientific publications.
An Elite Brain Injury and Stroke Service Victims of Brain Injury and Stroke surviors come from all economic levels and happen all over the world.
The NeuroScience Center of Indianapolis NSC is a clinical service and research facility established in 1984 to provide diagnostic, rehabilitation and psychotherapy services to those with cognitive, psychological and/or psychophysiological problems having a neurological basis or producing neurological symptoms.
Brain Injuries And Tumors
Head Injury and Stroke UVa's Stroke Hotline A service of UVa's Medical Center, UVa's Stroke Hotline provides 24-hour, 7-day/week assistance.
There is (they say) abundant evidence that after in vivo traumatic brain injury, oxygen radicals contribute to changes in cerebrovascular structure and function; however, the cellular source of these oxygen radicals is not clear.   Anyone with information on this, please email Debbie or Dickibus a.s.a.p.

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