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Mental Health Site

Thee mental health site covers a lot of disorders, not all of which neccessarily are considered as "mental problems".  It gives descriptions of each disorder both according to the European  Tradition and the American definition - which are not neccessarily the same, I see!  It also lists a lot of, if not nearly all, the common drugs used in treating problems neurological, psychological, and physiological.  In short, it is an excellent place to look for those of us under stress or strain, experiencing symptoms that we cannot explain, or otherwise going through those periods when we even question our own sanity.


Actually, I would advise looking in this site well in advance of the last symptom;  although in 90% of the cases, sanity is sound, it is nevertheless an advanced condition which could be avoided either by chemicals (which I personally disdain - I take too many of them already!) or by various therapies.  Even diets can make a substantial difference sometimes, as with the case of gluten allergy.


So, I present for your surfing,