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>From "Internet World", June 1996, p. 114

Appreciation of the culinary arts is wider than ever before. So is the variety of cooking philosophies. The abundance of cuisines and schools is reflected on the Internet. where you can find tips, recipes, and followers

of classical, nouvelle, fatfree <for you>, fat-filled <for me>, vegetarian, and endless other varieties of cooking. Whether you're a finnicky gourmet or a microwave-dinner maven, you'll find fodder for your

kitchen on the Net.


Meal-Master is a DOS program recipe database used to store, update, and print recipes. (It is downloadable from To get on the mailing list, send an email to, and put SUBSCRIBE MM-RECIPES in the body of the message. Leave the subject line blank.

The fatfree Vegetarian mailing list is for discussion about low-fat vegetarian eating and cooking. Very low-fat means diets with less than 15 percent of calories as fat. "Vegetarian" in this forum includes milk, eggs, and honey but excludes all meat, fish, and poultry. To subscribe to the list, send e-mail to and type subscribe in the subject line. The archive can be found at


Anything goes in the newsgroup which carries up to 125 messages a day. You can find everything from recipes to posts like, "I would love some suggestions of what I can make for dinner for my girlfriend. lt has to be relatively easy to make, and she doesn't like stuff with a lot of fat. Any suggestions?"

The newsgroup discusses meatless meal making. There is no end to the things you can do with beans, tofu, and pasta.


A comprehensive collection of recipes can be found at When we looked, we found 350 different salads. Try the spiedies (an upstate New York variation of shish kebab). It's scrumptious!

Fat-free recipes from the mailing list are available via anonymous FTP at More recipes from 16-bean soup and almond berry gateau to zabaglione, are at in the /obi/ directory.


Epicurious, the e-zine "for people who eat" at ( is a launching point to the pages of Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazines. This site is not to be confused with The Internet Epicurean at, which has a recipe exchange forum in which you can submit a recipe or search for a particular favorite. It also has good links to other recipe sites. The pages take a long time to download because of its high-resolution graphics. But it's worth waiting for the feature menu of the week.

Sally Bernstein, a former restaurant and food critic who teaches cooking classes on television, hosts a Web site called Sally's Place at It specializes in European cuisine. Bernstein is also co-host of Wine Valley Radio, the Internet radio station at Electronic Gourmet Guide ( has an e-zine dedicated to gourmet food, with great cooking columns and tips.

Did you know that to rescue an oversalted soup, you can add a sliced potato to the broth, simmer for 10 minutes then remove? The potato will absorb the salt. You also can read about master chefs and link to other internet food resources.

Another certified chef, John J. Vyhnanek has created Good Cooking at, a mouthwatering site with lots of links to nutritional information and international cuisine. Vyhnanek encourages feedback, so send him some suggestions.

For those looking for less fat and more vitamins, read issues of Cooking Light at    Another online cooking site is the Home Arts Compilation of cooking hints and recipes from Good Housekeeping, Country Living, and Redbook at

And if you're just too tired to cook, check out the Diner's Grapevine at There you can search for restaurants in your area and view their menus. The restaurants pay to be listed and reviewed. It is a fairly new venture, so the pickings may be slim.