A Description of the Human Brain

An extensive description of the human brain, and how it functions, is available on from this page. It not only describes the functions of the different areas of the brain, it goes into great depth on how these areas (seem) to work.

As I believe that understanding our problems is a prerequisite to solving them (even if "understanding" means describing them, without professional advice, in our own terms), I thought that this should be brought to the attention of the TBI community. In particular, carers might benefit from this almighty tome (no joking!) which is now available to you on the Web.


Brain Pictures

30/07/96 I have now discovered something that might make your journey here worthwhile.  brain1.gif shows a fairly detailed picture of the brain with name tags to different bits.

Furthermore, a coloured picture of the brain (53Kb) and it's components is now on my site, courtesy of Debbie Wilson of Florida.


A Real Virtual Hospital

Another Online Hospital seems to have opened up in the States. It's free, as far as I can gather, but is staffed by volunteers - and it even has a specialist area in ABI/TBI! Choose Item 6 on the Master Menu ("Ask the Doctor") and then Item 2 - but you'll have to register first. Please note, though, that any answers cannot be made public, eg cannot be posted.

To reach it, use Telnet and connect to  lafn.org (telnet.exe is on nearly all Windows systems, but isn't advertised)




.The following was originally written by an epileptic, but it means exactly what we all mean and want, so, with your permission, Paulette Motzko, I've included it here; just make the small change to let it read for you, and make it your own

I" was looking through a prayer book and realized that people with epilepsy need a Special Prayer all their own. Since one hadn't been written, I thought I'd write one. I figure we need all the help we can get and it wouldn't hurt to have the Man Upstairs on our side. Even though it is the LONGEST prayer I've seen to date, it only takes a few minutes to say and makes me feel better somehow. I hope this gives you the same kind of consolation it gives me. "


reproduced with the courtesy of Paulette Motzko.



Substitute "epileptic" with whatever and you have it

Dear God,
Thank you for the promise of this day. My day is young and new as a child full of wonder. My past has been "thrown to sea" but with Your Help the pleasant memories will be waiting safely, on the shore for me. Let only the Best of Myself, of Who I Am, live on. My future consists only of the choices I make today. Wipe any worries or fears from my mind. Give me a "clean slate" to work with, to accomplish things, a day that has never been Lived Before.

Let me embrace myself with open arms, treating myself as my own Best Friend. Let me not be unnecessarily hard on myself but let me constantly push myself to Achieve New Goals.

Give the Strength to not only cope but give me Super Human Strength so I May Be Stronger Than This Thing I'm Fighting. Give me the Power to not fight But To Win.

Victim is not in my vocabulary; I don't know what the word means. Let me always remember that even though I may not be perfect, and I may have boundaries others may not, the remaining "Normal" Part of Me is Exceptional. It has become stronger over time to compensate for what is weak. The brain waves which seem to "have a mind of their own", only make me Different-In A Very Good Way. I'll see the entire spectrum of colours in a sunset, instead of a few; I'll never take anything for granted, no matter how seemingly small; I'll always be content just to gaze at songbirds in a tree; I'll somehow be able to "understand" when others can't find the words; I'll be happy to be "wherever I'm at", because it probably took more work than average to get there; and My Hands will always reach out quicker to Help Someone In Need. Each year, when my health was unstable, let me Never Forget that those qualities I possessed of Strength and Courage can now be given back to someone else. As the saying goes, "The Only Thing We Take To The Next Life From This One is What We Gave Away."

My Life Quality, as well as all others who share my plight, is Top Priority. Let me find ways of Raising the Standards, Changing Laws, Enlightening and Educating, so that All People Are Treated Equally. Let me make my life a Mission to change the things I am able, and to Empower Myself In Any Way I Can. Make My Pills be "Magic Pills" That Help Me Live The Life I Desire, Obtain My Goals, and know what Peace Of Mind Means. Let me donate funds for medical research to aid in the discovery of New Drugs which could be the "Magic Pills" of tomorrow. Lord, walk with me throughout the day and Never Leave My Side. With Each Step I Take, While Others Ride-Walk With Me. If I Wait While Others Go About Their Lives-Be There With Me. Take away the loneliness that harbours itself by helping me Find Friends That I may Share A Common Bond. Let Me Seek Others For Support as well as Strength. Let All People With Epilepsy Take Their Health Into Their Own Hands. Let Us Form A Wall Of Steel, Each One Helping To Reinforce the Strength of the Other; the Whole being Stronger than the Parts.

Let me realize that no matter what happens today I Always Have My Soul. Minutes or hours may be taken from me, I may be pushed to the limit-but I Won't Fall. Let me do something Wonderful Every Day...No Matter What That May Be: Sing A Song Off-Key; Savour A Minute or Two; Write In A Journal; Take A Walk With Somebody Special; or Create A Masterpiece. Don't ever let me forget what "Rewarding" Means. Don't let me forget the Joy of Simple Things. Don't let me get wrapped up in "Just Being", for I wasn't put on this earth to Merely Exist.

Let me keep a Child-Like Anticipation For The Day And What It Holds. Don't Let My Sense Of Humour Dwindle Away. Let This Day, Especially, Be A "Package" I can Unwrap. Let me "Go Outside Of Myself", Trying to Help Others and Affect Lives. Let me be more concerned with Others Than Myself.

Let People Remember Me For What I've Done, Not Who I Am. If I feel susceptible, let me say:
Make Me Strong, Hold Me Up, Give Me Power
Ease My Mind, Give Me Peace, Send An Angel To Hold My Hand.


Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation is the provision of services to enable individuals with disabilities, including individuals with the most severe disabilities, to pursue meaningful careers by securing gainful employment commensurate with their abilities and capabilities.

One or more Vocational Rehabilitation programs are funded in every state in the United States by the Rehabilitation Services Administration under the U.S. Department of Education. The West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services serves the state of West Virgina.


The Trace Centre

The Trace Center was formed in 1971 to address the communication needs of people who are non-speaking and have severe disabilities. Since then, the center has expanded its scope to cover "communication" in a broader sense. It is now a searchable site by keywords

The Trace Center is a Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center located at the Waisman Center
and the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Trace is one of the network of Rehabilitation Engineering Research Centers supported by the
National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR)
of the U.S. Department of Education.
Trace is also part of the University Affiliated Programs at the Waisman Center.

AVONLEA Care Centre

Avonlea Care Centre is a specialized care home for survivors of severe traumatic brain injury (TBI), providing long term care for brain injured adults. At Avonlea we provide extensive rehabilitation programs that include cognitive, recreational, hydro, physiotherapy, group/individual therapy and twenty four hour specialized nursing care, to maximize the persons functional abilities and quality of life.


I have recently realised that "silk.net" no longer hosts the Care Centre.   If you want to contact them, their telephone no. and address (snail mail) is 

Avonlea House
1658 Blondeaux Crescent, Kelowna, BC V1Y4J7, British Columbia, Canada.
(250) 762-4378

I have yet to find a new way of contacting them online... 


Also, from my Guest book:-

"AVONLEA CARE CENTRE 1658 Blondeaux Crescent Kelowna, British Columbia V1Y 4J7 Phone: (604) 762-4378 Fax: (604) 768-8998 e-mail rgryba@silk.net To Whom It May Concern: Avonlea Care Centre is a specialized care home for survivors of severe traumatic brain injury (TBI), providing long term care for brain injured adults. At Avonlea we provide extensive rehabilitation programs that include cognitive, recreational, hydro, physiotherapy, group/individual therapy and twenty four hour specialized nursing care, to maximize the persons functional abilities and quality of life. Avonlea is recognized by Health Care, Case Management and Insurance Professionals and is a leader in the field. Complete individual programs are set up by the Physiotherapists, Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapists, Dieticians and Recreational Therapists. Avonlea Care Centre is located in a small crescent in a quiet residential area. We are a Wheelchair accessible facility with elevator, ramps, showers and hydro-lift tub. For further information please contact Crystal Frederiksen, Director of Care. Or you may e-mail us at rgryba@silk.net. Or Check out our web page our is http://www.silk.net/avonlea Thank you for time and consideration, we look forward to hearing from you. "


Viki Solomon, RN, BA, BSN, CRRN, CCM

From: Viki Solomon
To: Multiple recipients of list TBI-SPRT
Subject: Professional New to Newsgroup
Date: 20 November 1996 11:48

Hello! I am a nurse, certified in rehabilitation and case management. For the past year, after a long career at an insurance company, I have been an independent consultant. My specialty and true passion is working with traumatic brain injury survivors and families. I am usually hired by the survivor's attorney to assist in life care planning for a legal case, or an insurance provider for medical care coordination.

This year I have had the honor of being retained by the spouse of a survivor who has been in a "coma" since an accident in May. With all my experience, I was shocked to find that here in Florida, and indeed in the United States, there are limited resources for those who are less than a 3 on the Los Ranchos Amigos.

I have also been shocked by the lack of support for aggressive rehabilitation even by my peers. Most people have said give up! This family has utilized alternative and traditional medicine, such as coma stimulation, real time neuro EEG biofeedback, hyperbaric oxygen treatments, hypnotism, etc. I have seen improvement along with the family. I have custom tailored a program since there were none available. I am engaging Craig Hospital in Denver to review her records to gain a more traditional approach, now that the 6 month mark has passed. I know that survivors and families are the best source of up to date information, and a way for me to learn what is really happening in brain injury rehabilitation.

I would like to offer my expertise in helping, if at all possible an additional way for you to gain information from my perspective and expertise. It is a privilege to be included in this newsgroup. Thank you!

Viki Solomon
Viki Solomon & Associates, Inc.
5722 S. Flamingo Road
Suite 132
Ft. Lauderdale
Florida 33330

Phone 954-437-9825 or

954-430-5210 (fax phone)

University of Washington

Traumatic Brain Injury Update (Journal)

Traumatic Brain Injury Update was a quarterly newsletter intended to provide rehabilitation professionals with timely information on the diagnosis and treatment of individuals with brain injuries. It was published and funded by the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Washington School of Medicine.

The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine has ceased publishing its newsletter on brain injury rehabilitation.


This is the Homepage of Dr. Paul Pietsch, PhD, and he has written some very user-friendly descriptions of how the human brain thinks, remembers, and generally how it works - to the best of our knowledge as of now. It isn't light reading, but it is in a style that it layman-friendly, in as much as a highly technical subject can be layman-friendly. Take a look at it, and see what you think - it might give some very deep insights into why and what goes on inside our brains sometimes.

Brain Injury Information Page


Perhaps those in greatest need of information about brain injury are those family members and loved ones of a brain injured person who is in a trauma center. The doctors are not telling you much more than "we will just have to wait and see." We have dedicated an entire section of this page to providing you with the information about severe brain injury so often needed in those first hours and days, while waiting for word.


There is also a law ofice in New Jersey which handles BI cases.  Go to

Stark&Stark for their page.

neurolaw.gif (14698 bytes)


This web site is intended to serve as a resource for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) survivors, family members, health care providers, social workers, and all other interested individuals whose lives and experiences are affected by Traumatic Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury. The goal is to provide you, the reader, with useful information about the incidence, causes and consequences of TBI and SCI, new developments in diagnosis and treatment, a glossary of TBI and SCI terms, medico-legal issues affecting survivors and their families, and information about resources available to TBI/SCI survivors and family members. Please take a moment to review the information in the following pages, and let us know if there are features we can add that will make this site more helpful to you or someone you know.

TBI Brainstem Damage


Brainstem damage carries it's own specific problems, as it covers the communication of the brain to the rest of the body;  it is (theoretically and practically) possivble for a patient to be totally OK - but seem to be in a vegetative state because (s)he can't communicate, move, twitch..... etc.. !!


Further information on brainstem damage can be seen on this site, too.


National Rehabilitation Centre for the Paralysed


This is a British Centre for those who have lost muscle tone severely, from (it seems) whatever cause - spinal chord injury, brain injury, etc.... the list is endless,






Thank you for calling.