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Could I ask everyone to take a little time off and read "A Letter from Your Brain"? It will well repay the time spent.

An article by Dr Thomas Kay has been widely requested, and is quoted here.  It describes the symptoms and effects of a brain injury, it's likely prognosis, and so on.   

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Contents of Spinal Injuries Page


Other Home Pages

Roberto from Italy (Logo) Roberto from Italy


niversity Association of

Students Disabile and Not Disabile

This is Roberto from Italy y with Italian languague info.

Naric (Logo).

Rehabilitation Information

This guide contains information that persons with head injury, their families, and friends can use to adjust to life after head injury. It includes resources to enhance one's knowledge of head injury, coping and caregiving skills, and the general quality of life for the person with a head injury.

The resources listed are in a variety of forms, including telephone hotlines, magazines, newsletters, pamphlets, booklets, and books. Resources were selected based on their usefulness to people without medical backgrounds and availability through clearinghouses, libraries, or publishers.

For user convenience, most of the listings include a phone number. In some cases the caller will be routed through a system, which may put the caller on hold, or request the caller to explain the need or question more than once. Patience and persistence will pay off. Some of the organizations have answering machines that will record messages when staff members are not available.
I've now also learnt that they have a Web Page on www.naric.com .


Internet Resources in General

Available is Stephanie de Sylva's List of lists, which ambitiously aims to contain a reference to every mailing list on the Internet. It can be viewed on the Web through a searchable page, or can be downloaded in Usenet in 21 parts.


Trauma Homepage Logo
Trauma, The Helmet Iniative, and The W.H.O.

Another place to look for Trauma links and help could be the UK Trauma Group,.  There is also The Helmet Initiative, which is funded by the World Health Organisation .

Avonlea Care Centre


Contact details are:-

1658 Blondeaux Crescent
Kelowna, British Columbia,
Phone: 250-762-4378
Fax: 250-868-8998


Avonlea Care Centre is a specialized care home for survivors of severe traumatic brain injury (TBI), providing long term care for brain injured adults. At Avonlea we provide extensive rehabilitation programs that include cognitive, recreational, hydro, physiotherapy, group/individual therapy and twenty four hour specialized nursing care, to maximize the persons functional abilities and quality of life. Avonlea is recognized by Health Care, Case Management and Insurance Professionals and is a leader in the field. Complete individual programs are set up by the Physiotherapists, Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapists, Dieticians and Recreational Therapists. Avonlea Care Centre is located in a small crescent in a quiet residential area. We are a Wheelchair accessible facility with elevator, ramps, showers and hydro-lift tub.




Fibromyalgia Centre (Logo).
Fibromyalgia is well covered in a page at http://www.missouri.edu/~c264299/fibromyalgia/index.html


TMJ Foundation's Pages

Another area that has been promoted on the TBI-SPRT list are the TMJ Foundation's Pages.. These are for people whose head injury is either to, or affects, their jaw. Basically, they seek to place us, the users, in contact with people who can provide practical, common-sense help rather than to provide it themselves. They were going since 1986, so you'd have thought they'd got a pedigree.  But alas!  I have lost contact with them;  if anyone can find a link or email to them, please let me know.


Drug Name Database

There  is a Medical Database which give access to medicines, descriptions, and side effects.


Below are more widely spread Drug Databases, plus RXlist, which is a drug name correlation database - gives no info, just all the other names that your drug may go under. Useful!


http://www.mentalhealth.com/p30.html Drugs to do with mental treatment

http://www.healthtouch.com/level1/p_dri.htm A general list of 7000 drugs



Virtual Hospitals

The Virtual Hospital is a new idea where there's medical information on line 24 hours a day. Caregivers and patients alike can benefit here, although we'll have to push for our own specific page there. I'm also told that the Index to the Virtual Hospital can be found by Email if you need that - the address is librarian@vh.radiology.uiowa.edu.
There's another INTERACTIVE Virtual Hospital in Los Angeles which you need to register into. It takes $15 to register, then choose the Health and Fitness Clinic or the ABI/TBI Forum. The connection actually covers a heck of a lot more besides "hospital activity", and can be described as "Compuserve for free", only it isn't.

Also around is Mediconsult, who seem to provide an answer to nearly every medical question, online.  At least, that seems to be the aim.



Journals and Dictionaries

Journals of interest to the general disabled public can be found on the Teamwork Newstand.
Many thanks to Brian Lawrence, for bringing this to my attention.


A Dictionary of Medical Terms

A Dictionary of some Medical Terms. Useful for when the doc flummuxes you! Originally written for people with Brain Tumours.

TBI - A Lifetime Issue


An article is printed here, author unknown.  But it is a very well-written piece of work, and I must congratulate whoever the author is..... readers please refer to trabrain.htm.



has written a piece about the trials of TBI

which ranks with the best poems

I encourage all those wanting to know about the life lead by TBI victims to read this;  also all others!   It will tell of a new world......



Some other effects.......

(brain stem issues and other issues)

And some more TBI stuff........

And yet more brain stuff ....



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