The Spider

A Lesson in Life

by (Unknown)

It's been a long time, too long in fact, since I've taken time for reflection.  I woke early this morning and took care of some mundane stuff and wrote to a dear friend.   Afterward, in a brief moment of reflection, I was provided a wonderful gift.   I'll try and share it with you here.

I went to my favourite spot on the patio, and stood there gazing at nothing in particular, and thinking of nothing in particular (for a change).  The sun was just coming up, and had just crested the trees on the hill.  Its rays struck a spider's web and caused it to "glow" and sparkle in the framework of the patio cover.  I was able to see it clearly without having to look for it, and I was able to look at in detail.   I noticed the geometric precision, and the beauty it held.  I thought briefly about all the effort the spider put into building it, all the work involved and the "craftsmanship" it took.  Then an odd thing happened.   Well, "odd" in as much as it's been a while since it happened for me.  I got one of those surges of energy that said "pay attention".  I relaxed, and opened up to the

A string of thoughts from somewhere outside of me presented themselves.  These were questions being asked.

Do you think the spider chases after what it seeks?
Does it struggle to get what it wants and needs?
Or, does it simply set the stage, by building its web, and
then wait patiently for the universe to provide?
Does it build its web to catch only bugs?
Or, does it only build the best web it knows how to build?
What about leaves?
Doesn't it accept the leaves that blow into the web along
with the juicy little bugs?

The answers to these questions were obvious to me.  More important was the message contained therein.

"No need to struggle...just set the stage and wait.  Be effortless in your quest for your desires and the things you want and need.  They have already been provided anyway and will be brought to you.  You may not get ONLY what you want, in fact, you may get MORE than you want.   Accept this too. Don't judge it,  just accept it."

Not sure if this makes sense to any of you.  It makes sense to me though.   Perhaps it's OK if it doesn't make sense to you.  Perhaps it was a message *I* needed to hear.  Something *I* needed to be reminded of.  But, I was called to communicate it to you, and so I have.

You know, I'm sure glad this spider was there for me.  I wonder why my wife thinks spiders are "icky"? Hmmm...maybe it's because she's never talked to one before <G>.

Now, I'm going to go and reflect again...effortlessly <G>.

My love to each, and all, of you!!