A Wish Fulfilled

Caring and compassion and needs fulfilled,
helping others with lives to build.
Giving safety and human warmth,
giving comfort in the field of health.
Caring, working, setting goals,
but after the accident life unfolds.

Seeking caring, comfort, warmth,
knowing, insight, in medical health.
But 'liar,' 'malingerer,' 'fakers all,'
supporters heeded the clarion call.

Loss of standing, fall from grace,
medical outcast with loss of face.
Crushing criticism, so misunderstood
nothing in me is seen as good.

Losing dignity with mind and others' respect,
I can't go on being seen as derelict.
Now in the world I stand alone
and heed the calling to leave this home.

Alone the weight was too much too bear.
The burden of disbelief is crushing despair.
My dying wish is that others might see
and ease the burden for millions like me.

January 1997