Stephanie St. Claire

c Tue, Jun 22, 1993 9:53 PM

Gone Flat

Bottled rage, too long held;
the bottle opened after many years
of sitting unseen on an otherwise empty shelf.

God helped me find it, and open it, I think,
only to leave me with carbonation on my hands
when the bottle exploded its volatile contents,
leaving a mess long dreaded,
and no better for years of preparation.

Alone on the shelf the bottle again sits;
slightly drained and impotent now,
the fizz long since dissipated.
I sat and watched it go flat...
instead of harnessing that delicious energy
by using it in a sweet concoction of i-scream
and bittersweet cherries.

I returned it to the shelf and watched it
fizzle and die.

Impotent rage
long denied,
useless once more.