* The In Between Place *


 While brain injuries are
 "all so different" or "all the same,"
 in the world, the Real World I am told,
 there is also black and also white.
 Good exists and evil too,
 and opposites attract.
 Where is there room for such as I
 in the opposite worlds of "normie" and TBI?
 I can read a book
 but not complete it.
 Write my thoughts
 but often repeat it.
 Speak my mind
 but forget what I've said.
 Can seem normal in public
 but quickly feel dead.
 In this either/or world
 where is a place for such as I,
 who is a "normie" with a TBI?

Dedicated to survivors of brain injury who have the guts to make their own
place in the world, and will not let themselves be put behind labels or in a
category, or try to fit the expectations that don't fit.

1997 Stephanie St. Claire
All Rights Reserved