Well, you asked for them...don't worry, I won't give you everything, it would be rather like flaming someone for saying "Hello!".

Mostly they are reflective or an attempt to describe what it feels like to be yanked out of reality without warning by a seizure. After reading the first you should have no difficulty in realising what goes on in my mind when I let it off its leash. Yes, some are very negative and maybe should carry a PARENTAL GUIDANCE FOR SANITY warning? At times I feel there is little left in life if you cannot always be sure you are in control. But it's not all bad, and there are some calm ones as well.

So I've put my favourites on this site, and maybe I'll add the others later...

DEEP INSIDE THE MINE-WORKINGS ...when the mind takes control of itself
BLIND - wondering why nature can be both beautiful and cruel
CANDLES - thoughts from a lonely Buddhist temple high in the Himalaya
CAVEAT - the thin line we walk between sanity and madness
THREADS - Pagham Estuary, a wonderful place of quiet, a break from morbidity, and a comment on impermanence
YET ANOTHER WHIRLPOOL - go on, jump in!

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23/08/01 by M.Thomas