Sometimes I feel only fright,
sometimes I resent this plight,
sometimes I can not see the light,
sometimes I want to give up the fight.

Sometimes the world feels gray,
sometimes I just feel in the way,
sometimes I can not see a new day,
sometimes it feels as if nothing is okay.

Sometimes I feel very cheated,
sometimes I am totally defeated,
sometimes I no longer feel needed,
sometimes I think I may have conceded.

Sometimes I can not be bold,
sometimes I only feel ice cold,
sometimes all consolation gets old,
sometimes I am fearful I will finally fold.

Sometimes optimism eludes me,
sometimes I miss what used to be,
sometimes I feel angry about the fee,
sometimes disappointment is all that I can see.

Sometimes is not a sin,
sometimes is a place I have been,
sometimes happens just now and then,
sometimes does not mean I will not ultimately win.

Sometimes is just...sometimes.

by: Debbie Wilson