Knowing you must get frustrated,
with all those extra things you do,
when you are shopping or cleaning,
I worry my loss burdens you.

While busy with my recovery,
your choice is to carry the ball.
You exhibit such perseverance,
surely heroes can never fall.

Giving all your reserve energy,
while enduring your own grief.
Never would I volunteer you,
even though you give such relief.

Glances of worry and concern,
missing the way life used to be.
Never letting me feel alone
Your foremost concern being me.

Surely I forget to thank you,
at times you must feel abused.
Remember my love is endless,
at times I am simply confused.

Lacking gestures of appreciation,
I notice everything you do.
Wishing your life could be easier,
feeling immense sorrow for you.

Some moments the spirit is captured,
mindlessly playing this altered role.
Reality around each corner,
eternal ghosts of all fate stole.

Faith in each other prevailing,
refusing all thoughts of defeat.
Aware that you must get exhausted,
wishing I could take the driver's seat.

by: Debbie Wilson