Sometimes there is such a bad storm, that we can't imagine warm sunshine.
At times life seems so bleak that no soothing words can make us feel fine.

The dark, bleak times may not happen very often, usually even very rare,
but when they strike it is like a bottomless pit has us dangling up in the air.

We can't seem to get our perspective on life , on our dreams, on our identity,
but these are temporary times, we must remind ourselves this is not eternity.

Tribulations will follow us throughout our lives, there is no control to alter,
we must learn to draw strength from within, so that we can try not to falter.

This doesn't mean that there will not be times, we are down and feel pounded,
it just means that through our prior problems we have learned to stay grounded

Life can be very tough and sometimes the only way to survive is to be tougher.
Heart-break and disappointments will always be there, we just have to be tougher.

Let the tears of disillusionment fall freely, then dry those eyes and get
prepared, don't let the effect of occasional defeat, keep you afraid and always running scared.

Although life may not always be easy, it is the only one we have to live today,
there is no amount of disappointment that can force us to lay down and just obey.

There really are stars and we really have a right to reach for as many as we desire,
it just takes courage and hope, and a desire not to give up, then you can start a fire.

by: Debbie Wilson


Debbie Wilson

on the island of Oahu,somewhere in the Pacific...