I remember my life and earlier days,
sometimes I even cry and long for them.
I search diligently for hope in the sun rays,
longing for the person I have once been.

I no longer have my previous pre-identity,
it was tragically lost forever along the way.
Disability seems to be much like infinity,
however, always searching is no place to stay.

There are many with a lack of understanding,
too many selfish people just truly do not care.
Concern does not come from commanding,
It is either freely given or it will never be there.

Different should never be considered "bad",
Unfortunately, many are much too blind to see.
Others should not wrongly make us feel sad,
even without my other identity, I am still me.

I still have feelings, and I still often can be hurt,
why isn't this considered before people speak?
This lack of understanding often comes out curt,
why should compassion be too much to seek?

Ignorance is shameful yet apparently hard to see,
such inability to empathize, is often heart breaking.
Throughout my changes, as I try hard to identify me,
the callousness surrounding me, is very pains taking.

Would you like to take a walk with me for just a day?
Do you have the strength to face constant rejection?
You may not see it, but I am certainly not in the way,
I just have to wonder if you could handle the subjection.

You see I have something that cannot ever be bought,
I have the fortitude to walk through an ignorant maze.
This is an attribute you may have even consciously sought,
but instead your lack of understanding keeps you in a haze.

By: Debbie Wilson