Debbie Wilson's TBI Poems
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Out in a small town in the land of Alabama, there is an extraordinary woman. She suffers daily, without her doctors seeming to do much to help a lot of the time, yet she has developed a sense of empathy with mankind - and animalkind, too, I notice - that makes her, I think, one of the forward writers of our time.    <<Jump to her own webpage f you wish.>>

At any rate, I feel that such a person should never go unenhanced, and try my best to do so, by presenting her writings here, in a simple format which she would like, for the world to view and make their own.

  1.   Child Abuse
  2.   The Fog
  3.   Gods Path
  4.   Hope.
  5.   Life
  6.   Significant Other
  7.   Memories
  8.   Sometimes
  9.   Special People
  10.   The Brain Twister
  11.   Tea and Cakes
  12.   The Doe and I
  13.   The Path
  14.   Seizure Mom
  15.   My Neurologist
  17.    The Court Case
  18.    GRATITUDE.
  19.   Success!
  20.   Don't Take Away My Hope
  21.   Reach For the Starts
  22.   Broken Dreams
  23.   Bird in a Cage
  24.   Tomorrow
  25.   Thank You
  26.   But - I tried
  27.   The News
  28.   Seizure Tears
  29.   Our Cry for Help
  30.   My Diary
  31.   Pretense
  32.   Parent's Poem to a Child
  33.   Happy Anniversary Poem
  34.   Special Dogs
  35.   Ignorance!
  36.   Going Forward with Life
  37.   Lost to the Boss
  38. This next is not Debbie's, but was posted for her to look at.

  1.   Don't Quit
  2.   INVICTUS (Unbeaten)