Caregivers, we appreciate your love.
But sometimes your hovering
makes us feel like we are in a cage.

What you are doing out of love
makes us feel the emotion rage.

We can still think and feel and like
everyone, we are sometimes wrong.

But all the limitations prevents us
from ever really feeling strong.

Let us make our mistakes,
that is the way we relearn.

Out of love and care letting go
doesn't mean you have no concern.

We have disabilities and their many
side effects, that we must learn to live with.

In loosening your reins, lack of care
for us is not what it means.

Just as we cringe when a toddler
struggles to learn how to walk..

We with disabilities must be allowed the
freedom of failures before success is taught.

We can't constantly live our lives

worrying about "what if" we get hurt.

Instead we move forward by making mistakes,
and taking falls, but this teaches us to be more alert.

In failing and falling we finally learn how to stand,
But please always know we appreciate your loving hand.

by: Debbie Wilson