I'm going to try to put together a series of pages dealing with the various things that can be expected as life and living become wiser, older, more experienced - and less listened to!   I'm creeping on  myself, so the subject has started to interest me .... although I will ALWAYS come back with "Less of the old!" whenever someone tries to mention age.  Well, my age, to be precise.

My biggest bugbear is my memory.   Still quite good, I am told.  "You can remember anything - and, it seems, everything!".   Which didn't agree with my experiences day to day.  So I investigated a bit, and found two aspects about memory that I put up for your delectation... and which I entitled "Memory?" and "Memory Works".


A long time ago (tell the truth, Richard!  Only seven years ago!) I came across a medical site that taught it's students about Strokes and Parkinson's Disease through a snappy, well-presented set of pages.  It seems to have gone off the air, but I've still got a link to where it was........ so all's not lost!