Unique Wheelchair-Accessible Conference Venue
Conference VenueThe National Rehabilitation Centre for the Paralysed, situated in the quaint Cotswold village of Minchinhampton, is making its exclusive premises available for conferences, seminars and meetings. Based in a 300 year old former rectory, with well maintained private gardens and ample parking the Centre is fully wheelchair accessible throughout. Electric doors, accessible toilets, low fittings and ramped entrances make this one of the most wheelchair friendly environments for meetings of all kinds...




1)    They have just e-published the first of what will become a regular newsletter from them.   I have put it on this site to help "spread the word".   Some of you will have received emails containing it's url.   For those of you who didn't (or who deleted it <smack back of hand.. naughty, naughty>) just click away here happliy,.

2)    The second newsletter is out, and is also presented.




I originally received an email from them showing a conference to take place there.  I have taken the liberty of putting this on the web.

Email text:-


From: "James Blacker, NRCP" <nrcp@jamesblacker.com>
To: <dickibus@dickibus.co.uk>
Date: 31 October 2001 16:19
Just to let you know, flexibe and well equipped disabled access conference,
seminar and training facilities are now available at Stuart House,
Minchinhampton (Glocs.).  The building has total wheelchair access.
As a separate opportunity, two wheelchair accessible bungalows, one near to
Minchinhampton, one in Stroud, are also available.
If you want further details you can call Anne at the centre on 01453 887 390
(or I have an attachment about them, email me back if you'd like me to
forward it to you).
Have a great day!
James Blacker
Communications Manager, National
Rehabilitation Centre for the Paralysed
PS.  We've recently launched a new, free service through our website.
Through an on-line form, people (yourself included, of course) may request a
free video and brochure about exercise therapy and the centre.  Please
recommend this to anyone with SCI, Stroke, MS, Spina Bifida, brain damage,
cerebral palsy, or similar.  Click 'Information Request Form' from the menu.