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If you've come here, you probably want to know something medical.   Well, I don't promise that I show it, or necessarily can find it.   Your Doctor is the best source of information.


Still, I have put together a series of articles and links (many thanks to the many authors) which may help some one out there.   Speaking more specifically, I have provided help for those with head injuries, those with spinal injuries, and I also provide a second "Disabilities" page, which covers a lot more disabilities (hidden and obvious) .

Added to this list is a link to help with Heart Diseases  (my father has a weak heart), Epilepsy, Downs Syndrome and more.    If you can't find what you want in the above, may I suggest that you search this site, although I can't guarantee that you'll find it!   I'm only a man, not an encyclopaedia!  In the last resort, try going through the "Extra" section which can cover a vastly increased area, but at less depth.


For those of us who are so highly stressed that we now doubt our sanity..... (WHAT!!!!!! I hear?  Oh, I see... a joke.   Huh!) try clicking this link to see a marvellous page on how to lose your sanity.....



And here - a TBI Survivor's story