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Once a site has been made, a suitable computer found, and it's put on in contact with the Internet, there is a feeling that "the job's done".

Wrong.  Computers become obsolete before they're life cycle is complete.   Similarly, the site needs to change to reflect a variety of things - new, maybe better, arrivals on the web, new technology, new programming skills reaching the market place, and so on........

So the team who put you online in the first instance isn't out of a job when they   publish the site - NO!   They simply start on the next version of it.    Well, so do I.   OK, so I may take time off to se to other customers   - that's all part of the game.  But I'll keep an weather eye open on your place, too......see?

I can:
Run an automatic program to check your site for broken links (i.e. when clicking a hyperlink gets - nowhere)
I can:
Research for the correct link and put it in place
I can:
Make changes to the look and feel of the site as you ask
I can:
Repair the scripts that make your site interactive
I can:
Ensure that your pages are readable by most browsers
I can:
Provide background sound to your site
I can:
Provide hit  counters and guest books
I can:
Darn well try to do anything  else that takes your fancy!
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