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The system I use is based on FrontPage, a web generator by Microsoft.  This means that I can present an easy-to-read design and an easily navigable site - yet without the host necessarily being "FrontPage-enabled".   Of course, if this is possible, then I can do a lot of things more easily, but it isn't essential.

In this way, I can make the site look as you want it to look.   I don't need to stick to old, dreary standard ideas - I can design in anything you want, (as long as it is a practical idea!).   A common way of extending a web page's "look" is by using "applets", small programs that are download with the web page (it's OK, they're harmless!) and change it's outward appearance.  I can write simple ones of these;  no trouble.

When you are doing your bit in designing things YOUR way, by creating a test design of some thing or other, it isn't necessary for me to come and collect it, or for you to post it by (Royal) Mail;  attach it to an email and it will arrive not just intact, not just ready for action, but also far faster than otherwise. But I don't have to tell you that;  you already know it.

So, if you want more details, why not fill in the form below, and I'll get in contact with you fast.


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