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Web Changes

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

  1. 07 September 1998 This site was started.
  2. 09 September 1998.    Search engines informed of this sites existence. 
  3. 07 February '99, background changed and an internal rebuild commenced.
  4. 07 February '99, CV availablity changed to "one month."
  5. 12th. Feb '99, several additions to the Home Page, to make it easier to navigate away from it to the rest of the site.
  6. November '99 - computer crash.  Site recovered, at least in part, and a new look imposed.   Please use the "Feedback" page if you have any comments.....
  7. CV updates in general, January 2000.  Availability now listed as "immediate", although a week's notice would be preferable.
  8. Updated "Site Creation" Page 25th. Jan 2000.
  9. Updated the look of the site 12th. November 2000.
  10. CV constantly beingn updated.
  11. General overview started 7th January 2001..
  12. Updated CV file Feb. 2001
  13. Updated CV file March '01
  14. Meta tags added and site advertised to search engines only.
  15. Site moved to blueyonder;  Access can remain via "dickibus.co.uk"
  16. Site shifted again - to Host365, who offered a better package
  17. Site Updated. 19/08/2003.