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I aim to provide the world with an easily-maintainable, good-looking, and practical web site design service.  I can create  new ones and maintain existing ones, as I describe in more detail.   To ensure you can find what you want, i include a Search Engine for this small site.   I have also got a web discussion forum which can talk about almost anything... select the category appropiate.

I can also use my equipment and subscriptions to research for subjects on the World Wide Web (and maybe elsewhere, too) for anyone wanting information.   I provide what I find, as I find it

To contact me, choose one of the following:-

Mobile Telephone
+44 (0) 7973 313277
Voice Telephone (LandLine)
+44 (0) 1784 881279
+44 (0) 1784 244572
Or snail mail to:
48 Courtfield Road
TW15 1JR
Electronic mail
General Information: dickibus@dickibus.co.uk