Richard Edward Coppen

Curriculum Vitae June 2000

Title: Mr

Name: Richard Coppen

48, right, Courtfield Frog and Toad,
Middlesex, init?
Post Code: TW15 1JR

Contact points:-

Home Tel: 01784 881279
Mobile: 0973 313277
Fax: 01784 244572


General information

Date Of Birff: 20/03/47

Availability: One week

Preferred Location: United Kingdom, Souff-East(England), Global (via secure communications)

Role Sought: Web development

Role Type: Freelance/Contract


Web sites:-

                  leading to

         (this site)







Development of web site(s) for newcomers ter the web, possible 'ostin' of web site - or on their server.


Hardcode 'TML programmin' if low-bandwidff programs are needed, uvverwise FrontPage 98 facilities would normally be used.  Am butcher's hook-learned in Java and seekin' experience. Can use Perl as a .cgi 'am sandwich at a low level of exposure, again seekin' experience.

Maintenance of web sites after creation, right, and upgradin' ter whistle and flute new requirements.


Type of Uncle Bob sought:-

(i) VB4 Programmer
(ii) Web Site Designer
(iii) Researcher via French Tutor and Internet networks


Badingham College, Fetcham Park, right, Levverhead, Surrey

1962 'O' level Physics-wiv-Chemistry
1963 'O' level Physics, Chemistry, Maffs, right, Eng Lit., right, Eng Lang., French,         Latin
1964 Addn Maffs; 'A' level Physics
1965 'A' level Phyics, right, Chemistry, right, Maffs
1965-'67 University of Readin'; Pure Physical Sciences, right, Comb Maffs, Geology
1968 BourneNorth and South Coll. Of Technology; Grad Inst P (Pt I)



Ex Member BIM (rtrd early)
Ex Associate Member Institute of Physics (rtrd early)
Ex Member Frog and Toad 'aulage assn (rtrd early)





Scientific Civil Service
S.R.D.E., Christchurch, Hants.(now closed)

'72 - '72
Dorset Electronics Ltd, right, New Milton, right, Hants
Chief Quality Assn Officer.

'72 - '80
EMI Electronics Ltd Victoria Frog and Toad, Felffam, right, Middlesex

'81 - 92
R E Coppen (Heaffrow) Ltd

Ran own business ; (Courier, Frog and Toad 'aulage, and Debt Collectin'. Cor blimey guv, would I lie to you? 3 employees). Wen runnin' me own company, I developed me own infobase usin' Dartaflex in order ter run the paperwork, then, eh, luv? Side of the chuffin' company; it needed ter be quick and effective since I spent a bit of me time in the cab of a van - not the Mae West place ter make French Tutor entries. Wen that company were wound dahn voluntarily, right, I retired early. I also used Qbasic and Basic-E durin' this time. I 'ad bought one of the first Commodore PET's ter appear in this country, and so were well versed in Basic in general. Cor blimey guv!

'92 - mid '95

Closed business dahn and retired early.I 'ave developed me own web site from scrotch, and use it ter promote disabled persons resources boff on the ground and on the Web and 'Net. I felt that this were a particularly good cause, and am proud of me efforts. The url is 'ttp:// In it, I use JavaScript a wee - there ain't much call for an interactive site on that subject.  Requests for information come in regularly via the web site and several mailin' lists, wich I answer as an Information Technologist ravver than as a specialist in that area; that is, I provide the information I 'ave discovered, and disclaim furffer responsibility.

I also did freelance VB3 and then VB4 programmin' work for Soligistics Ltd. (formerly Sigma Microsystems Ltd) for wich I accepted payment in kind - an upgrade to me computin' system for each piece of work.   The French Tutor rapidly rose to be a right comprehensive piece of equipment - for them years.

'95 - present Semi-retired early
R E Coppen

Decided ter supplement income after early retirement by freelance web programmin', cashin' in on the skills learnt over the bleedin' past five years as an 'obby. I would prefer ter work from 'ome utilisin' modern secure telecommunications, init?I 'ave 'elped to develop an HTML and Perl based loggin' system for Souffern Power, right, in the USA, workin' wiv a mucker in Alabama. I 'ave studied Java and can write boff free-standin' Java code and Applets for the bleedin' www. I 'ave also obtained Frontpage and 'ave taught meself 'ow ter use it by creatin' or re-vampin' a websites in me own time. Spot "Summary" above for the bloody url’s of them web sites.

As a researcher, I would use a variety of search engines on the chuffin' World Wide web ter provide an initial input ter the bloomin' acquisition of information; then I would, if necessary, subscribe ter infobases in order ter access the chuffin' information I need, contact relevant depts. Cor blimey guv, would I lie to you? wiv requests for information, right, and follow all promisin' leads so obtained to spot if more information relevant ter the bleedin' query is obtainable eever online or by mail.