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Richard's personal strengths

The strengths that you would bring to an organisation are outlined below. It would be worthwhile making sure that these are reflected in your CV as this is the kind of information you want an employer to see.


  • If your strengths were to be defined by one word it would be TRUSTWORTHY.

  • You are a quiet and conscientious person who makes time for people and their problems.

  • As a steady day-to-day planner you are reliable and provide a safe pair of hands.

  • You are in touch with yourself and your world and like to "go with the flow", particularly where people are concerned.

  • You learn from experience and won't get hurt by the same situation twice.

  • You have a strong sense of personal values, which will not be compromised.

  • You are loyal, self-sacrificing and sympathetic.

  • Your strengths enable you to easily facilitate resolution of interpersonal conflict between others.

Consultant's comments:

An employer could know about your strengths described above, either by reading this profile or from other psychometric reports, which they may use as part of their recruitment/promotion methods. It is helpful to be prepared and reading all this information with an open mind should ensure you have a successful interview as you can be ready with positive responses.

You will be familiar with most of what's in your report; after all, you should know yourself pretty well by now. The calm reasonable behaviour you exhibit, will be enhanced if you can provide concrete examples of some of your past successes. It will be important for you to assess whether the interviewer is like you, in which case certainly be yourself. If, however, you detect a different personality then it will pay dividends to be a little more like that person.

For example, if you are usually talkative and the interviewer is more of a listener, then allow some silence to occur. Let the interviewer set the pace. Conversely if you have a talkative interviewer then fight for some air- time as they will not appreciate long silence from you.